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Want a free digital copy of my new novel?

My biblical fiction book, The Struggle for Love: The Story of Leah is ready to be released in the first week of November. I’m asking my readers and Facebook friends if they would like a free Advance Reader’s Copy (ARC)! 

So, what is an ARC? 

No, it’s not Noah’s big boat!

It’s a free copy of a soon-to-be-published book sent to an author’s potential readers in exchange for an honest review on an online retailer. In this case, Amazon.

Reviews are really important for a couple of reasons.

First, they’re important to the reader who is searching for a book they’re going to love. Readers don’t want to waste their time on a book that doesn’t fit their particular tastes in literature. If you’re into regency romance, you’re “probably” not going to want to read Tom Clancy. Probably.

Second, reviews are important to an author. That’s me! If readers see a book on Amazon with no, or few, reviews, they might assume that the book is not worth buying. Unfortunately, the book may be exactly what they would enjoy, but the lack of reviews might keep them from giving it a chance.


If you’re interested, I’d like to send you a link to a free, digital copy of The Struggle for Love: The Story of Leah in exchange for your commitment to read it before October 31 and write and publish an honest review on Amazon when the book goes live. I’ll send you the link where you can write your review sometime between November 1st and November 3rd, so it’ll be easy peasy. And I’ll send you a link to get the copy. Just message me your email address. And please give your name because if your email address is I might get it mixed up and won’t know what beautiful person to thank!

So what is The Struggle for Love: The Story of Leah about? Here’s the back jacket blurb and an endorsement from an author who is well-known in the Christian writing world.

Leah longs for a husband who loves her. As her beautiful sister, Rachel, comes of age, impatient eyes fall on Leah, since tradition demands the older daughter marry first. When an offer of marriage from a good man comes with a gift that would dishonor her God, Leah choses her faith and loses her chance for love.
Jacob longs for the blessing that would make him the spiritual heir of his grandfather, Abraham. But when, instead of trusting God to give it to him, he steals the blessing from his older brother, he must flee his home to save his life. Jacob meets his match in his conniving Uncle Laban.
When Jacob meets Laban’s daughters, he admires Leah’s faith but chooses Rachel for her beauty. When he finds Leah instead of Rachel in his marriage bed, he swears he’ll do his duty by Leah—but she will never have his love!
Leah faces a loveless marriage and tragedy with her children. Can she keep her faith in such trials? And will she find love in the end?
Will Jacob throw off Laban’s bonds and return to his homeland as a worthy heir of Abraham? And will he see Leah for who she truly is?
And here’s an endorsement from C.S. Lakin, who has been rated one of the top ten writing bloggers in the U.S. and best-selling author of many writing craft books and novels of several genres.

“Marilyn Parker’s debut novel, The Struggle for Love: The Story of Leah is an exquisite book that will break your heart and heal it again as you journey with Leah through her life of faith-testing trials. It’s a beautifully written story of betrayal and tragedy, unanswered love—and ultimately—the love that answers all. I’m happy to recommend it.” C.S.Lakin



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