The Mystery of the Money Missing for Nine Years

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N ine years is a long time for $4000 to stay missing. This is a funny story with a surprise ending. Read on! Every family has its funny stories. You know, the stories we tell when everyone gets together for holidays or special occasions. I’m the subject of many of my family’s stories, but my kids [...]

Marilyn Tells How She Met Jesus at Fourteen

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On October 28th I will have been a Christ follower 56 years. Boy, that makes me feel old. The following is the story of how I came to be a believer at the age of 14. God has been faithful to me for over a half century, and I'm so grateful that He knew who I was before He even created the earth. He had a plan for my life, and since I'm still living, He's still working it out. I can attest to God's never-ending love. I love Him because He first loved me.

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