Can Things Ever Change? How Hope Makes It Happen

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I f there’s anything I’m asking God for in 2020, it’s to hope more. You may be thinking—why hope more? Hope sounds kind of wimpy. Why not ask to love more? That’s really important, isn’t it? But hope? Isn’t hope just wishful thinking? Of course, love is important. It’s the first commandment. Love God. Love your [...]

It’s Not All Or Nothing! Setting Small Goals

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I’ve always been one of those “all or nothing” kind of people. I lost 135 lbs. in a year with very little struggle. How did I do that? I got on a program and stuck to it like glue. It really wasn’t that hard, once I’d made up my mind. The struggle began after I lost the weight. That was almost seven years ago, and I’ve wrestled every day to keep it off, sometimes unsuccessfully.