Should We Talk to Our Children About Their Bad Parenting?

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S hould parents say anything to their adult children when they see them making parenting mistakes? And how should those adult children receive such criticism?  Those are tough questions. Hopefully, there is something in this article to help you traverse that mine-field. Have you ever wanted to stop some stranger at Walmart and tell her that [...]

Does Your Child’s Faith Have To Look Just Like Yours?

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  S sometimes, as Christian parents, we want our children to fit into our faith mold, and if they don’t, we try to whittle away the edges to make them fit. No wonder so many Christian youths bleed out and give up on Christianity. It’s easy to concentrate on the external and not the hearts of [...]

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3 Tips That Will Help You Handle Your Kid’s Pain

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There’s an old adage that pretty much says how every parent feels at one time or another. “If I’d known what I know now, I’d have skipped the kids and gone straight to the grandkids.” After she ate the apple, God told Eve, “In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children.” Sure, He was talking about the pangs of childbirth (those thorns Adam had to deal with were nothing compared to having something the size of a watermelon inside you—WITH ONLY ONE WAY OUT), but as every mother knows, the pain doesn’t stop there.

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