Should a Woman Confront Her Husband? The Importance of Honesty in Marriage

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H onesty may be the best policy but it exacts a high premium. Honesty is hard. Especially in marriage. Confrontation is not comfortable. And less so if you’re a Christ-following woman. Christian women often feel conflict about confronting their husbands so they fall into a pattern of dishonesty. I have to admit that I have not [...]

When You Wonder if You Married the Wrong Man

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H ave you ever wondered if you married the wrong man? Maybe you’re convinced of it. Perhaps you can pinpoint the very moment when you chose to go against your best judgment. Or possibly you thought he was the perfect person to spend your life with, but he’s changed, turned into something else entirely. He doesn’t [...]

How Does the Devil Cause Misunderstandings?

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I think one of the devil's favorite tricks is to cause misunderstanding. He likes messing with our ears. I’m not a “the devil made me do it” person. I think we’re basically responsible for our own actions, but sometimes I can almost picture Satan snatching our words out of the air, putting an evil twist [...]

Why are Manners Important in Marriage?

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There’s an old idiom said to have originated in the Aesop fable, The Fox and the Lion: familiarity breeds contempt. Aesop was a smart guy. Who are you more familiar with than your spouse? Is your familiarity breeding contempt? Sometimes husbands and wives speak to each other in tones they would never use with a neighbor, or someone from church, or even a perfect stranger.

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