When My Husband Gave Jesus a Bottle of Disinfectant

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H ow hard is it to share what you have when you don't have much to begin with? How can we learn to be more generous? With our nation shelling out trillions of dollars it can't afford, our lives could be in for a big change. Will we be able to trust God for provision if [...]

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I was a Stranger: Mi Casa es su Casa?

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How big is your house? Do your children each have their own bedroom? What about a family room? A den? An office? Two offices? A laundry room? Two bathrooms? Three? More? Wonderful! I’m happy for you. I truly am. But with abundance comes responsibility. Let me tell you about some people who have very little but share it willingly and with open hearts.

I was a Stranger: Sheep in Goat’s Clothing

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I’m a 100% saved-by-grace-through-faith-and-not-by-works person, but sometimes Matthew 25 makes me a little nervous. So, what’s in this scary chapter anyway? Because it’s a lengthy passage, I’ll summarize some of it. "Imagine knowing for all eternity that you sent Jesus out to sleep with the cows and sheep." Verse 31 talks about the Son of man returning and gathering all nations to be judged (not anyone's favorite subject). He sets up two lines: one on the right for the sheep, and one on the left for the goats.

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