what happens if we sin and we can't undo it?
Should a woman confront her husband? The importance of honesty in marriage

Trust: The Vaccine for Fear

Covid-19 is a devastating virus. It’s a living, breathing thing that spreads silently and invisibly across borders and into bodies, sometimes bringing devastating effects. That’s terrible. Truly. But I believe there’s a far worse virus out there—fear.

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What Does a Loving God Look Like

Can Things Ever Change? How Hope Makes It Happen

If there’s anything I’m asking God for in 2020, it’s to hope more. You may be thinking—why hope more? Hope sounds kind of wimpy. Why not ask to love more? That’s really important, isn’t it? But hope?

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3 Things I Wish I'd Done to Prepare for My Older Years

3 Things I Wish I’d Done to Prepare for My Older Age

Getting older kind of stinks sometimes. Of course, considering the alternative of not getting older, I’d rather stay around a while. Years ago, I saw a really out of shape guy in a . . .

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Being Content and Why You Shouldn't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Being Content and Why You Shouldn’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

It’s almost Thanksgiving. A special day we set apart for thanking God for all our blessings. Today we’re going to talk about what it means to be content, and how giving thanks in absolutely everything . . .

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3 Things We Can Do to Bring the God-joy back

3 Things We Can Do to Bring the God-joy Back

Ever wonder where all the joy went? Christians are supposed to have it, aren’t they? Joy? Shouldn’t we be the happiest, most joyful people on earth? We felt it when we first . . .

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Should we talk to our children about their bad parenting

Should We Talk to Our Children About Their Bad Parenting?

Should parents say anything to their adult children when they see them making parenting mistakes? And how should those adult children receive such criticism?  Those are tough  . . .

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Do Our Fearful Prayers for Our Children Really Accomplish Anything?

Do Our Fearful Prayers for our Children Accomplish Anything?

How should we pray for our children in these troubled times? It’s easy to pray in fear for their future, but will fearful prayers really accomplish anything? When Rebecca . . .

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Stop the Noise so I Can Think! The Importance of Imagination

I sometimes wonder if there’s a conspiracy against quiet in our culture. Sound is pumped into every space we inhabit. Can you think of a public space without some kind of……

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When You Wonder if You Married the Wrong Man

Have you ever wondered if you married the wrong man? Maybe you’re convinced of it. Perhaps you can pinpoint the very moment when you chose to go against your best judgment.

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Two Reasons Why We Don’t Trust the Still Small Voice of God

How much trouble could we avoid in life if we truly trusted that still small voice of God? From His vantage point above time, God sees the end from the beginning, and when He  . . .

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When you sin and you can't undo it.

What Happens if We Sin and We Can’t Undo It?

What happens if we sin and we just can’t fix it? Will God still allow us in His presence? Does our identity in Christ change with our actions? If you’ve read . . .

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Are you really obedient or just a rule follower?

Are You Really Obedient or Just a Rule Follower?

There’s something about the word “obedience” that has always made the muscles in my neck knot up. Why? Well, partly because obedience implies . . .

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How Do You Handle Your Children's Pain?

How Do You Handle Your Children’s Pain?

Kids cause pain, and I was one of those mothers who wallowed in it. I felt every little disappointment, rejection, and heartache my children went . . .

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Does Your Kid's Faith Have To Look Just Like Yours?

Does Your Child’s Faith have to Look Just Like Yours?

Ssometimes, as Christian parents, we want our children to fit into our faith mold, and if they don’t, we try to whittle away . . . .

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why do many Christians live their lives afraid of dying?

Why Do Many Christians Live Their Lives in Fear of Dying?

Do we believe that God is in control of our appointment with death? Or do we think it’s somehow left up to chance and . . .

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Does Jesus Keep Me From Falling?

Will Jesus Keep Us from Falling, or are We on Our Own?

My late husband and I traveled in the ministry for many years. He preached, and I played the piano for our country gospel duo. I played . . .

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When You Just Don't Know What To Do

What to Do When You Just Don’t Know What to Do

What do you do when you just don’t know what to do? Many times I’ve agonized over a decision—thought it out until my head hurt . . .

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Are You Willing to Let God Show You Your Heart?

Are You Willing to Let God Show You Your Heart?

Are we willing to let God show us our heart? I’m not sure I am. I want to be, but there’s something scary . . .

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Marilyn's salvation story

Marilyn Tells How She Met Jesus at Fourteen

I came to be a believer at the age of 14. I’m so grateful that God knew who I was before He even created the earth. He had a plan for my life, and  . . .

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Are You Willing to Let God Show You Your Heart?

The Mystery of the Money Missing for Nine Years

Nine years is a long time for $4000 to stay missing. This is a funny story with a surprise ending. Read on! Every family has . . .

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watching my husband die

What I Learned From Watching My Husband Die

The night my husband died, we (sons, daughters, friends, wife) spent the evening singing and praying at his bedside, hoping he could hear . . .

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how the devil causes misunderstandings

How Does the Devil Cause Misunderstandings?

I think one of the devil’s favorite tricks is to cause misunderstandings. I’m not a “the devil made me do it” person. I think we’re . . .

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beating depression

Beating Depression: Suzan Cartegena’s Story

If you suffer from depression, this post may be one of the most important messages you ever hear. It’s written by my dear friend, Suzan . . .

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depression marilyns story

Marilyn Tells Her Own Story About Depression

When I was nine years old, my mother had a nervous breakdown. Perhaps it was me turning nine that aggravated her already fragile . . .

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why are manners important in marriage

Why Are Manners Important in Marriage?

Sometimes husbands and wives speak to each other in tones they would never use with a neighbor, or someone from church, or even a perfect stranger. Being polite and kind has other . . .

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its not all or nothing

It’s Not All or Nothing! Setting Small Goals

We all make fun of New Year’s resolutions, but there’s something to be said for new beginnings—that feeling of making a fresh start. So, as I’ve been thinking about the . . .

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What Does a Loving God Look Like

Is God Really a God of Love? And What Does That Look Like?

Some people think God looks like the disapproving old man in this picture. Just waiting for us to mess up so He can punish us. They just can’t swallow that God is love. Could the problem . . .

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