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In his book, A Praying Life, Paul E. Miller says, “All of Jesus’ teaching on prayer in the Gospels can be summarized in one word: ask.”

God wants us to ask.

Sometimes we’re afraid to because we think if we ask and we don’t get an answer, it means we’re not worthy for God to answer our prayers. That’s not true. No one gets a prayer answered because she or he is worthy.

Have you noticed how little children approach their parents when they want something? They just barge in and ask. They don’t worry about how they present themselves.

God just wants us to ask. That’s all. Luke 11:9-13

Rebecca and I and some of our praying friends would love to pray for your requests. We’re not special. We don’t have any special prayer power that no one else has. But we have a special God who longs to give us good things.

Your emails will not be published, and no one will see them but Rebecca and me. Please let us know when your prayer is answered. We’d love to hear about it!


Please scroll down and use the email address in the footer to contact us. Write the word PRAYER in the subject line so we can readily see that it’s a prayer request.

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