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Persevering Women

Hey there! I’m Marilyn, and I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’ve stopped by.

If you were here in person, I’d give you a big hug. So, the beautiful girl kissing my cheek is my daughter, Rebecca.

She’s a wonderful woman who has learned to persevere through some tough times. Rebecca loves God and has lots to share about her own struggles and victories.

She’s going to introduce herself in a minute (age before beauty), so stick around.

Right after a brief bio, I’m going to share some very personal, and, to be perfectly honest, embarrassing things about how I hoped for a miscarriage when I realized I was pregnant with Rebecca.

But for now, let’s learn a little about me.

I’ve had a few names in my life.

I was born Marilyn Clapp in a small town in Idaho. I became Marilyn Thompson a long, long time ago. I’m Mom and Step-Mom, Grammy, and Great-Grammy. Bill, my husband of forty years passed away in 2009, and in 2013 I became Marilyn Parker. Marilyn and PeterMy wonderful husband’s name is Peter, so I’m Mrs. Spider Man. Very cool! I truly am married to my super-hero.

At the moment, my life is pretty darn good. But it hasn’t always been this way.

When I was fourteen years old, I had a glorious conversion to Christ.

I went to church with a friend, not looking for anything but a night out. I was a religious girl, but I’d never had a personal experience with the Lord. Didn’t even know it was possible. I met Jesus in that little church. He came into my heart with a rush of love that made me weep and laugh and raise my hands in pure joy.

I was born again. I felt His presence. I knew He was real, and I knew that He loved me. It was an experience I will never forget.

But then something happened. At the age of twenty-two, I got pregnant.

Me—the young woman pastors pointed to when preaching to their youth. Look at Marilyn. Look at how much she loves God. Follow her example.

I was so ashamed and so frightened, especially since I knew Bill didn’t really want to marry me.

Things were different back then. Young women didn’t often raise children on their own. They usually disappeared for several months, returning empty-armed to whispers and unkind remarks and humiliation. Or they hurriedly married, hoping no one would notice the snug wedding dress or count the months when the baby was born a little too early.

Looking at my beautiful daughter now, I’m ashamed to say that I hoped for a miscarriage.

I might have even prayed for one.

I wanted God to fix this. I would never do it again!

I didn’t see a future without shame.

I thought if I’d just wake up in a pool of blood, everything would be all right. It would all be over.

No one would know what I’d done. I wouldn’t be looked down on or “have” to marry a man who would be doing the “right thing” only out of obligation. I didn’t see that the little button of life hidden in the depths of my body was a blessing from God.

But how can that be?

How can a child that is conceived in a sinful situation be part of God’s plan for good in your life? It boggles the mind.

So why would I expose myself to the whole world by telling you something no one remembers or cares about anymore?

Because I want you to have “words in your ears” when Satan tells you to give up. I wanted to give up. So many times. My long marriage was a difficult one. My husband was a good man, a pastor who loved God. Those of you who knew him know that to be true.

But my life was not easy.

We’ll be talking more about that, and how God works all things for our good, later. I know you’re going to love my daughter. She’s both witty and wise. Rebecca has persevered through her own difficulties, and she’s still doing it day by day. She’s chosen the hard path when no one would have blamed her for taking the easier road.

It’s true joy to introduce her.

Persevering Women

Hi! And welcome!

Thank you, Mom, for the introduction.

So, as you all now know, I’m Rebecca—beloved, humble, soft-spoken daughter of Marilyn. Ha! Well, a girl can dream. Right?

It’s such a privilege to be doing this blog with my mom, my mentor, the one who has followed hard after God and never given up on her family, marriage, and most importantly, her Savior.

Trust me!

I’ve been witness to some hard times when she would’ve been justified in giving up. But she has taught me one thing very well. Perseverance.

Not in her own strength, but because of her deep love for Jesus and willingness to surrender her will to Him.

Surrender is powerful.

Some of you are shaking your heads already, wagging your finger in the air as I have in the past, saying, “Girl, I’m not surrendering to anything or anyone! I’m independent. I’m a strong woman and can do this on my own. Surrender is for the weak. No thanks!”

Whoa… calm down there, Nellie!

It’s not what you think.

This blog isn’t about becoming a welcome mat to be stomped on! Oh heck no!! Stick around.

You’ll see how to become an independent woman through perseverance and finding your identity in Christ. We’ll talk more about this again soon. In the meantime, here’s a little more about my crazy life.

I am first and foremost a lover of Jesus!
He is the only One completely dependable in my life.

I am also a preacher/missionary’s kid, the firstborn of four, which makes me the boss. My siblings might have something to say about that though.

I’m a very patient and loving wife. (I can actually hear my husband’s eyes rolling). Ha!

Thirty years ago, God brought a boy into my life who was also a preacher’s kid—which means we brought special baggage into our marriage, leaving us fifty shades of jacked up at times.

I’m so grateful for Doug.

He has loved every shade and size of me, persevered through this not-so-perfect life with me, and slowly evolved into an adult with me. Veeeerrrrryyyy slowly. Wink!

Doug is exactly what God planned for me even though at times I’ve questioned God on that. More on that later.

I have two beautiful and talented young adult daughters and the best son-in-law ever!

Our girls are quite the jokesters. Most days they either have me laughing until I pee myself, or crying, begging for a break from the drama.

Having daughters has me daily on my knees in both appeal and gratitude.

Most importantly, they follow after Jesus, constantly learning a balance between His grace and their obedience.

I am also both an OB/GYN RN and a lactation consultant. I adore my patients and love showing them my Savior’s love by serving them.

Awhile back I felt God nudging me to do this blog with my mom.

At first I said to God, “I’m too broken, I can’t blog about my struggles until I can get my own crap together!”

I’m pretty sure I heard God chuckle.

After listing off another dozen lame excuses, this scripture came to mind.

James 4:17 “If anyone then knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.”

Well shoot!

Then I knew I had to do it. Can’t go around sinnin’, haha!

So here I am.

For those of you who are suffering, both women and men.

For those of you who have been wounded and damaged to the point of not knowing if you’ll survive.

To those of you that are just sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Let’s persevere together and learn to live above the circumstances.

And could you please share this page with one person you think could benefit from reading it?

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